It's all about choices.

Savour your life, don't swallow it. Find your right pace. Love yourself and others. Choose the path of a balanced existence.

Slow Down.



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Living a slow life.

Who are you? You are not your name, nor your profession. You are not your relationships. You are not your gender, nationality or age. So, who are you? What's your purpose in life? What makes you happy?

Have you ever attempted to answer these questions, or are you just passing through life in the cruise control mode? Mind you, the cruise control is becoming obsolete even for cars. Now they have adaptive or autonomous cruise controls, meaning that speed is adjusted automatically, in accordance to the traffic flow. What about you? Are you adjusting your speed?

Have you ever thought that maybe you are too stressed to notice which speed is best for you, so you just keep moving at a linear, constant, high speed that impedes you from savouring all the beautiful landscapes surrounding you along the way? Take time to ask yourself the right questions; they can lead you to meaningful responses.

Choose to become the best possible version of yourself. Be mindful. Find your balance. Don’t do less; do more of what is significant to you, your community, the world. Gather with your loved ones and laugh, cry, feel the intensity of your emotions and share them. Volunteer. Together is always better! Take time to relax and overcome stress. By doing so, your mind will expand and you will be able to see life from various perspectives. There’s always another way!

We are grateful for the opportunity to accompany you on this amazing journey. Welcome to your new slow life!

Warm wishes,


Gloria Portella

Founder, The Slow Life Concept by Barbagiove ®

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