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We are a slow living venue located in Pimlico / Victoria, London, created to support people in their pursue of a meaningful life. Our goal is to  create a culture of anger prevention and stress elimination by promoting relaxation, and encouraging body and mind awareness. Through the body massages and rituals we provide, we stimulate our clients to understand the power of affection and emotions, to make positive changes in their lives, and to establish real and meaningful connections.


Our business is based on the comprehension that abundance is better than excess; sharing is better than competing. We believe in the economics of well-being and support a healthy, ecological, communal, peaceful, and loving way of life.


A few years ago, our founder, Gloria Portella, read in a local newspaper about a couple who used to work in the financial sector. They had a great life, taking into account what is today considered to be a successful life, but the thing is, they weren’t happy. They were overcome by a sense of emptiness, despite having achieved by their 30’s what most people wouldn’t usually achieve in a lifetime. One fateful day, they decided to move to the country and buy a small plot of land, where they built a simple yet cosy hotel. Since then, they claim to live happily and have a meaningful life, filled with the joy of planting what they and their guests eat, and close to their son who they barely saw while enjoying their success.


Their story is one among many about successful people around the world who decided to drastically change their lives and slow down, in order to find meaning and fill the emptiness within their souls.


The Slow Life movement originated from the Slow Food movement, which was started in Rome, about 30 years ago, by journalist Carlo Pietrini. It invites us to find a balanced rhythm of life, that is; to live a better life, knowing when it’s time to slow down in order to achieve quality rather than quantity. It encourages us to find a rhythm that is good for our body, mind, and soul; for our relationships; for our society and community; for the planet. It has to do with health and wellness; personal and social development; sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Our founder is striving to adopt this philosophy, and has decided to turn herself into an entrepreneur. She left behind a part of her lawyer self, the one who would be constantly fighting the world and feeling challenged by the ticking of the clock, to create — with her partner Gabriel Portella — a slow business where she can share her new passion with others and connect to the ideal of a better world.

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