Our Commitment to You

  • All treatments provided by The Slow Life Concept by Barbagiove™ will last for the duration specified on our website or as advertised;

  • We treat our clients with respect and attention and will always act in a professional manner;

  • Before an appointment involving massage, clients receive a consultation form. We read all of them attentively so that we can offer the best treatment possible, to the best of our knowledge;

  • Treatments will only be performed if we understand that it is safe and appropriate, considering the client’s personal situation and needs.

  • We aim to offer you massage therapy for stress reduction, relief from muscular tension and spasm, general relaxation, improvement of circulation, lymphatic drainage, and improvement of energy flow, as appropriate;

  • We use only high quality products in our spa rituals, body massages, facials and nail treatments. If you feel that a treatment did not fulfil its purpose, our manager will be at your service to discuss a refund or to offer you another solution, as appropriate;

  • Gel polish will be re-applied free of charge, if the polish chips /peels off and the client calls us and books an appointment within 7 days from the day the service was provided. A refund isn't possilble in this case as the polish application is only part of the service provided;

  • Regular polish will be re-applied free of charge if the polish chips /peels off and the client calls us and books an appointment within 3 days from the day the service was provided. A refund isn't possilble in this case as the polish application is only part of the service provided;

  • Your personal information will not be shared with any third parties.


Your Commitment to Us

  • You understand that it is your responsibility to speak with your therapist if you have concerns or questions about your treatment. You acknowledge that you do not have any injuries or conditions that would prevent you from receiving a massage, facials, or nail care, and that you have never been told by a health care provider that you should not receive massages, alternative therapies, facials, or nail care;

  • You understand that spa therapists, holistic practitioners, and nail technicians are not medical doctors and do not diagnose illness, disease, or any physical or mental disorder;

  • You understand that it is solely your responsibility to keep the therapist or nail technician updated on any changes in your physical health;

  • You also understand that your feedback is essential to your treatment, and that if you experience any unusual discomfort and/or pain during your treatment it is your responsibility to inform the therapist/ nail technician, so that she can adjust the pressure or technique being used. The Slow Life Concept by Barbagiove™ and its employees shall not be liable for any purpose and for any reason whatsoever, should you fail to do so.


Inappropriate Behaviour

You understand that massage therapy services are a therapeutic health aid and are non-sexual, and that other services that we offer are beauty related. Your spa therapist or nail technician reserves the right to end a session in the case of any kind of aggressive behaviour, or sexual innuendo or advances from the client. You also understand that any illicit – as discriminatory remarks - or sexually suggestive remarks or advances will result on immediate termination of the session and you will be liable for full payment. An invoice will be sent to your email and must be paid within 7 days of the issue date.

Late Arrivals and Cancellation Policy

You understand that you are responsible to be on time for your appointments and that the therapist/ nail technician is not under any obligation to extend it, in any circumstances. You agree to pay for the full service you have booked for if you are late.

You understand that your appointment time is reserved for you only. If you miss an appointment or fail to cancel it more than twenty-four hours before a treatment, you agree to pay in full for the service booked. You also agree to receive an invoice at your email to be paid within 7 days of the issue date.


Gift-cards and Packages

Gift-cards are valid for one use only, and for the treatment specified. Gift-cards are valid up to, and including its expiry date which is usually three months after the date of sale. Gift-cards are non-refundable. Any treatment that was sold as part of a package must be booked within one year from the date of sale. Packages are non-refundable and non-transferable.



In order to stimulate you into a slow life style, we offer you the possibility to buy a membership that lasts for one year. If you become a member, you will enjoy these benefits: 10% discount on all services; 10% discount on the purchase of gift cards; 5% discount on all Pañpuri and Philosophia Botanica products; invitation to members-only events throughout the year. The members discounts will be usually added to other promotions, unless differently specified.


Under 18’s

If you are under the age of 18, you must ask a responsible adult to book your treatment for you. The responsible adult must come with you to sign a permission form in order to a massage treatment to be performed. If you are under the age of 16, you must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.



Any information exchanged during a massage session is confidential and is only used to provide you with the best therapy available. Your treatment details will not be discussed with anyone other than you, unless you are under the age of 18, or have a care worker or a guardian. By filling in and submitting the consultation form, you are automatically giving us permission to hold records and data about you or about the person you are responsible for.


We accept all major credit cards and cash.



Gratuities are not included in your final bill and are at your discretion.

Terms & Conditions

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